Send bounces from powermta back to interspire

I have had a few requests from clients that use interspire with a rotating IP script and then switched over using Interspire with powerMTA.
They all ran into the same issue – Bounce notifications were not being sent back to the bounce address interspire used.

In order to send bounces back to Interspire that occur in powerMTA you have to add the following to your PMTA config:

This will ensure that emails get returned to your Email address that you have specified in you Interspire under your bounce email address.

We now have to tell Interspire’s bounce processor to process emails with the subject “Delivery Report”.
The file we need to edit is: bounce_rules.php and can be found in your Interspire installation directory. /admin/resources/
If you do not add this to your interpsire bounce_rule.php interpsire will simply ignore that email and delete it after the bounce processing has run.
Round about line 68 you will find this line:

Just below that we add:

Save the file.

Now go ahead and create a test list in interspire.
Add an email that you know will bounce.
Send a test campaign and see if the email gets marked as bounced after Interspires bounce has run.
In order to speed up the bounce run you can manually run the bounce process in interspire.
If the email does not get marked as bounced you can always debug the bounce process to see why it ignored the email. To debug, simply follow this guide on interspires website.

If Interspire is not marking the email as bounced and you have activated debug mode and you receive something like this:

Then add this to your powerMTA configuration:


5 thoughts on “Send bounces from powermta back to interspire”

  1. Hi Mate!
    Its not working for me, can you suggest why ?

    I tried to add this line so that my config looks like

    max-smtp-out 20 # max. connections *per domain*
    bounce-after 4d12h # 4 days, 12 hours
    retry-after 10m # 10 minutes
    deliver-local-dsn YES

    I’m not able to feed the bounced messages to my bounce Email ID/InterSpire bounce processor, while if I send a bounce message from built in Exim, it successfully processes the bounces.

    Please suggest.

    1. Gags,

      make sure you use it in this format. You have to tell pmta what domain to deliver the dsn.

      or you bounce domain

      The * means all domains.

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